Stormi Steel Skin F/X was formed in 1993 by owners, Keith and Jullee Chamberlain.  They are both former members of the Association of Professional Piercers, and were first to bring Professional Body Piercing to NEPA.

     "In 1993, Jullee wanted to get her eyebrow pierced. Finding only one studio in the area that pierced, we went there, and had the most horrid piercing experience.  My wife and I decided to start investigating piercing. We decided to bring piercing to NEPA. Since then, Stormi Steel Skin F/X has strived to bring piercing to it's highest professional level.
      In 1995, Stormi Steel opened at its present location in Kingston. With the largest selection of jewelry in the area and private rooms for both piercing and tattooing.  Since the start of our business, we have tried to make the piercing experience the most pleasant it can be for our customers."



You must be at least 18 years old to be pierced or tattooed, with a state issued photo I.D. card. Minors 13yrs-15yrs are allowed to have their NAVELS pierced only. They must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.  The parent/legal guardian must have a valid I. D. (driver's license).  The minor must have a photo I. D. with their name imprinted underneath (school I. D. , yearbook, sports card).  It does not have to be recent, it can be a few years old. Minors 16yrs. and older may be pierced or tattooed, with a parent or legal guardian's permission. Stormi Steel WILL NOT pierce a minor's genitals. The minor and the parent must both have photo I. D. cards and last names and addresses must match. If this is not possible, the minor must present their Birth Certificate as well.  Guardian must have court documents stating as such.
We do not / will not pierce with used jewelry.

Used jewelry can be used in healed piercings. Stormi Steel will install such jewelry after we sterilize it.