Does it Hurt ?
Of course. Some people say it hurts a lot, and others think not at all. Which ever the case, it only
hurts for a second.

Will it Bleed ?
Again, for every person it is different. Each piercing is also different. Some people bleed a lot and
some bleed minimally. Some piercings tend to bleed more than others.

How long will the process take ?
That depends on you. If you are sure and confident, we can usually perform the piercing in 15 - 20

How is it done ? Is it sterile ?
The piercing is done with a hollow point needle, and followed through with surgical stainless steel,
niobium, or gold jewelry. Everything is sterilized to hospital standards using an autoclave.

When can I change the jewelry ?
We recommend that you do not change the jewelry until the piercing is completely healed. Up to 12 weeks
after the piercing is performed.

Should I make an appointment ?
No ---walk ins are welcome.

Where do I get the cleaning products ?
We sell what you need to care for your piercings.

Will it get infected ?
Not if you follow the after care instructions.

How old do you have to be ?
Store Policy :


You must be at least 18 years old to be pierced, with a state issued photo I.D. card.
Minors 13yrs and older are allowed to be pierced with parental consent.
No Tongues until 16yrs of age and older.
ALL MINORS must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, and their last names have to match. If the last names do not match, the minor must present their birth certificate with the accompanying parent's name on it.
The parent/legal guardian must have a valid I. D. (driver's license/State issue ID card).
Legal Guardians must have Court Documents stating as such.
The minor must have either a photo I. D. OR A Birth Certificate AND a Yearbook with their picture and name printed on it.  It does not have to be recent, as long as the picture currently resembles the minor.
The minor and the parent must both have photo I. D. cards and last names must match.

We DO NOT / WILL NOT pierce with used jewelry.

Used jewelry can be used in healed piercings only.
Stormi Steel will install such jewelry after we sterilize it.