We adhere to what are called "universal precautions". This means we use the same protective measures with every patron to protect your heath and safety.
These universal precautions include:

  • Wearing gloves and maintaining strict aseptic approved tattoo and body piercing procedures;
  • Washing hands before and after each session and changing gloves after each patron;
  • Sterilizing or disinfecting tattoo instruments and equipment after each use;
  • Using new needles for each patron wrapped in special bags that have visible "telltales" to show that these have been sterilized;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in the tattoo area and equipment after each patron;
  • Disposing of needles and other sharp items in special containers;
  • Properly disposing of waste items and contaminated material.
      Tattoo studios use various methods to sterilize and disinfect in order to kill bacteria and viruses. Our staff is well trained in those procedures and their appropriate use.
      There are several acceptable methods of sterilization of instruments. Instruments that can withstand high temperatures may be sterilized in a steam autoclave by using steam under pressure or with dry heat. Other instruments that can’t be heated are scrubbed clean and then sterilized or disinfected in chemical solutions.
      We use state approved disinfecting procedures on surfaces and equipment that cannot be removed for cleaning and sterilization, such as counter tops, drawer handles, lights and other things. A chemical agent, registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a hospital disinfectant, is used in the Tattoo Studio. Disinfecting is done in the Tattoo Area between patrons to assure that the studio is absolutely clean for each patron.
      The use of disposable items is another way we maintain a clean and safe studio. Many tattoo supplies such as gloves, needles, barrels, piercing needles and razors are used only once and then disposed of properly.